How to Become More Conversationally Intelligent, with Bob Pointer

Retired police detective and human behavior specialist Bob Pointer breaks down the rules of effective communication and explains how leaders can apply them in their conversations. We also talk about the role of power in creating an effective conversational climate, how human relationships are built and why trust is the center of everything.

Creating a Safe Space for Young Professionals to Thrive, with Julia Hart

One of the biggest challenges for modern-day leaders is to find and engage top talent. On this episode, executive coach and communication professional Julia Hart reflects on how leaders can neutralize their power and create a safe space for their youngest employees to speak up and give their best.

How to Close the Power Gap in Meetings, with Marcel van de Hoef

Recently, workshop facilitator Myriam Hadnes invited me onto her podcast ‘Workshops Work’. We talked about how I became interested in power, how power differences impede our conversations and what leaders can do to close the gap. I’m pleased to share this conversation on Meeting Strategist to kick off my new series about power.

The Power to Walk Away: Influence in Sales Meetings with Will Marshall – Ep. 05

The Power to Walk Away: Influence in Sales Meetings with Will Marshall – Ep. 05

Will Marshall shares anecdotes and lessons learned from his long career as a sales rep and manager at corporations including Xerox. We also talk about the power of questions and the mindset sales people need to deal with rejection and sell with confidence.