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The Power to Walk Away: Influence in Sales Meetings with Will Marshall - Ep. 05

Reflecting on the role of power in sales meetings, Will Marshall takes us behind the scenes of his long career as a sales rep and manager at companies including Xerox. My favorite anecdote is about Rob, the best salesman Will ever worked with. Rob shows that great salespeople are great conversationalists. When meeting clients, they are always looking for clues about the key players, buying process and challenges - because knowledge is power.

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Meeting Strategist pulls back the curtains on one of the most critical skills in business. Curator Marcel van de Hoef, an Amsterdam-based communication trainer and former journalist, is a lifelong student of human interaction and discourse with a strong focus on business conversations.

On the blog, Marcel shares his evolving insights into questioning and listening skills, conversation strategies and the psychology that underpins our daily conversations. In the monthly podcast, he interviews investors, executives, creatives and others about the strategies they rely on to make their meetings more productive and meaningful. Please feel free to get in touch.