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On this podcast, I take you behind the scenes of impactful meetings by interviewing professionals and thinkers from the worlds of investment, business and arts about their approach to business conversations. Apart from sharing concrete tips and strategies, I also invite my guests to take a step back and explore more abstract, philosophical ideas about the human factor in their line of work.

I created Meeting Strategist for senior professionals who are ready to think more strategically about business conversations and learn how to ask better questions, improve their listening skills, build better relationships and get more out of meetings. If you are interested, please subscribe, rate and listen on:

Episodes & Show Notes

Meeting Strategist is a monthly 1-hour show, which was launched on July 11, 2018. Here's a list with links to all episodes to date. Each link provides you access to an audio file of the specific episode, show notes including time stamps and links to books, people and other resources mentioned.

Ep. 09 - Creating a Safe Space for Young Professionals to Thrive, with Julia Hart

Ep. 08 - How to Close the Power Gap in Meetings, with Marcel van de Hoef

Ep. 07 - Ted Seides on Interviewing Investors, His Bet with Buffett and How His Podcast Made Him a Better Listener

Ep. 06 - The Preparation Paradox: High-Stakes Meetings with David Rudolf from ‘The Staircase’

Ep. 05 - The Power to Walk Away: Influence in Sales Meetings with Will Marshall

Ep. 04 - Exploring the Unsaid: Deep Listening With Oscar Trimboli 

Ep. 03 - Football, Hot Tea and Trust: Meeting Without Agenda with Maarten Oldenhof

Ep. 02 - The Power of 3s: Public Speaking Lessons with Spencer Waldron

Ep. 01 - Going Beyond the Numbers: Investors Meeting Executives with Joost de Graaf


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