Here's Why Even Egalitarian Leaders Should Care About Power

How can leaders use their power more productively, starting with their everyday meetings and conversations? This is the central question of the new series of the Meeting Strategist podcast.

You might think: “What on earth does this topic have to do with me? I’m not Machiavelli, I’m a modern-day egalitarian leader who doesn’t use any power.”

Here's why no leader can afford to ignore this topic:

  1. Power plays a huge role in our daily interactions, which in turn shape the culture of the organizations we work in.

  2. Power is in the eye of the beholder. Even if you don’t consciously use any power, you might still be powerful in the eyes of other people.

  3. Power can be used as a force for good, but it also has the potential to ruin your interactions and seriously affect your ability to lead.

  4. On a more positive note, power is a choice. There are strategies you can use to neutralize it in order to create a more productive and meaningful discussion with the people you lead.

I share a few of those strategies in Episode #8, which you can listen to here.